About ePage

Provide superior Portal application

Portal should be a diversified web-builder tool. Some traditional content management tool or product management tool may have advantages at News release or product management but is not good at providing diversified useages and user-friendly inferface. Moreover, there are some other traditional web tool removing some strong features in order to fulfill the needs of self-created web for starters. And the core of EZPor is differentiating from the above web tools. It dedicates to providing a freely and diversified web management tol basing the advaced technicals and prioneer concept which leads users to truly have fun on building websites by themselves.    
What can EZPor do?
EZPor mainly focuses on content management and page layout arrangement. Via Cache mechanism, EZPor dramatically reduces the system loading; ppreserves the flexibility of dynamic web pages in the meanwhile. With powerful and flexible page layout feature, users can freely bring their design talents into full play to display websites through unique images. 
 Benifits of EZPor
  • provide user-friendly interface which allows website administrators to mange web content at ease.
  • bundle with SEO feature which can be used to draw attention from search engines.
  • possess various website styles which the templates can be changed by CSS coding.
  • have strong website layout  feature which website administrators can easily change the layout via visual layout settings.